Sunday, June 27, 2010

QSL round-the-world (3) -- Antarctica

SHOWA base of Japanese antarctic research expedition, in its amature radio station 8J1RL.

I contacted on 40m, 30m and 20m bands CW.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My 1st Isle of Man on 20m

Isle of Man, an island of UK between Britain and Ireland, I got 1st contact this morning (JST).

He quickly uploaded data to LoTW, now confirmed !

Friday, June 18, 2010

QSL round-the-world(2) -- ASIA

Japanese prime callsign JA1AA, Mr.Hisao Shono is one of Japanese HAM radio pioneer after 2nd World War. In war days, Ham radio was suppressed by emperor's militarism, not only HAM radio, even HF listening.
I had contacts with him twice. He is already old but operates active, contacts by CW.
His one of records is WAC by 5mw QRPp !

In Vietnam a Japanese operates HAM radio station XV3AA, four ladies put white ethnic dress "AOZAI" just look like swan!

Indian YL station VU2RBI, family enjoys Ham radio, right low side their picture and callsign are there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

QSL round-the-world (1) --AFRICA

We go to trip of QSL card round-the-world.
1st trip is for Africa.

Djibouti - J28JA, a lady puts ethnic jewelry.

Egypt - SU9HP, "general view of the Ruins of Luxor from the Nile. Lithograph by David Roberts 1856" - so printed the card.

Botswana - A22/JA4ATV, a big crocodile is by the river.

Monday, June 14, 2010

US All 50states QSO finished - WAS

Contacts to all 50states of USA was finished.
Difficult states for me were South dakota, North dakota, West virginia and other.
Picture is South dakota's QSL, other states are on LoTW. SD is a paper QSL only.
Without Oklahoma QSL - only 15m, other states there is QSL of 20m. and mode is all CW.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gi3OQR Nothern Ireland Card arrived

At may 26,2010 we had QSO.

CO8LY Cuba Card arrived

WE had QSO twice.

E4X Palestine

E4X Palestine expedition group , I had QSO on 30m.

But, there is not my call sign their online log. Miscopied ?

2nd QSO this morning ( 6/June : JST) , there is my call sign in their database !

My 1st Zambia on 17m

On 4th jun 2010 12** I had QSO with 9J2** Zambia on 17mband. My 1st Zambia !

My 17m antanna is very poor : long wire about 13m and ATU , by this antenna I took my 1st Zambia.

Other my 17m DX was G , VQ9 , F , DL , W , T3 and other. Africa is only Zambia .

ZL JA longpass QSO

In a morning I tried to QSO toward Europe on 20m, with several stations enjoy QSO, then one station calls me.

ZL**** ? DL ? My beam direct to 330 degree for Europe. ZL - New zealand is backward ---.

Oh ! probably longpass signals ! I asked lp ? He replied via lp 559. He also sounds well 559.

ZL JA about 10,000km, but via longpass 30,000km.

Friends of the world, let's meet on the air !

Welcome to my blog.

I am enjoying ham radio from Nagano - highland of Japan.

Photo is my home and antenna, 4 elements yagi is tri-bander of 10,15,20m bands, 2 elements yagi is duo-bander of 40,30m bands.

I usually on air for CW DX. When you hear my signal, please call me !

I will upload my QSO data to LoTW quickly, and when you hope to change paper QSL, please send your QSL only DIRECT, I sure reply. Please see my QSL information at, then send me QSL, with SAE and US green stamps (2 USDs).

Other some of my enjoys are taking photographs by classic cameras, classic music, and learning of Japanese history and other.